AMJ Dresses Inc Little Girls’ White/orange Flower Pageant Dress E1008 Sz 6

The elegant bodice is made out of high quality satin with changeable color sash that match with petals. The skirt has 4 layers with a crinoline netting inside for additional fullness. Zipper closure in the back and sash ties into bow for perfect fit. Absolutely Gorgeous!
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Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Mango Butter Blister Pack, 0.3 Ounce, 2 Count

Sweet, juicy lips are always in season thanks to Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Mango. This 100% natural lip treatment softens lips while smoothing and hydrating your smile. Infused with mango butter, it also smells fresh and fruity. With this twin pack, you can stash one lip balm tube in your purse and the other in your pocket for anytime dry lip therapy. Burt’s Bees lip conditioners are available in a variety of other fun flavors. Spread on a little TLC with Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balm.
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Cellex-C – Body Sheen & Toning Gel

Produces instant tone to the skin due to a transparent visco-elastic surface film created by this unique proprietary formulation. Daily application will help create long-term benefits – toned and smoother skin with a natural, healthy, youthful looking sheen. Contains Lavender, a calming herb believed to be anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial. Helps promote visco-elastic properties which assist in the ‘snap-back’ of your skin. May be applied directly over sunless tanning products. The biochemical reactions of natural sugars within this formulation tames down the yellow-orange color associated with many artificial tanning formulations. If your your skin is dry or dehydrated, or you live in an area of low humidity, it is recommended that that you apply an additional moisturizer over the Body & Sheen Toning Gel.
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Experiencing Multiple Layoffs and Finding Help

Unfortunately, consecutive recent layoffs or settling for a lower income is becoming more common nowadays. Many Americans have lost two jobs in the past two years. This includes more high-level executives and management.Those who have experienced multiple layoffs are usually willing to settle for less. With more executive-level employees losing their jobs, people with repeated layoffs have a harder time proving their worth to hiring managers. Many businesses view such individuals as lacking capability and integrity, rather than as victims of a recession.Remedies for Repeat Job Loss• Attend training to refresh outdated skills
• Consider a new location, industry or profession
• Keep your best contacts in the loop about your job hunt and make sure they have the latest version of your resume
• Send expert tips, information and newsletters on topics you know well to potential employers. Offer to take questions or give advice as a virtual consultant.Reference: See our Internet as a Source handout for how you can use Twitter and Facebook for this.• Create a personal website focused on potential employers*
• Use an outplacement service or career coach, like you are now!*A customized Web page (on your Website) highlighting your relevance to a specific company is a great way to attract attention. Give hiring managers a private link to this Web page, (for that company’s eyes only!). Describe how your experience would benefit their particular business and the issues they face.Fighting the StigmaYou can fight the stigma of back-to-back layoffs by giving a sincere explanation during interviews: “I have been laid off twice in the worst economy in 50 years.”Before starting your job hunt, you must overcome any anger about your recurring joblessness. If you have negative feelings, those emotions are reflected in your job interviews. Do not sound desperate, but be positive and enthusiastic!Try helping the less fortunate to neutralize such negative feelings during your job search. Charity efforts can tap into your key skills (e.g., project management, networking, marketing, organizing, etc.) and rebuild confidence. They are a great resume builder too! It shows you are doing something productive (in addition to other job hunting tasks) during your time out of work.Find a volunteer activity involving a company where you want to work. Your participation allows you to network with employees and a get a sense of whether you fit into their culture. In making this effort to understand a possible employer, talk with vendors, competitors and former employees. Use this research to discuss the company’s challenges when interviewing.Surviving Multiple InterviewsOne challenge for victims of multiple recent layoffs is surviving multiple interviews. As the applicant pool gets smaller with each round, people with recent repeat layoffs may be at a disadvantage.Tell them about your skills that are better than others or that others probably do not have! For example, emphasize your frequent international business trips. Supply details about work with various country managers and customized efforts based on culture and market conditions.Have perseverance! Even if you are turned down, stay positive and keep pressing on with your job search. Stay in touch with all potential employers. Circumstances may change for the hiring manager (e.g., the person they did hire ended up not taking the job).Finding HelpGetting laid off may require using state services that you have never used before. Here are some starting places for finding help. (Most of the websites below are for North Carolina. Go online for corresponding websites for your state.)Am I eligible for unemployment insurance benefits?If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible. Visit your state’s Employment Security Commission website.How do I start my search for a new job?While a newspaper provides lots of independent job-seeking ideas, your local ESC office and JobLink Career Center staff can help you locate new employment possibilities and prepare to apply for jobs.

WAGIC 31334 10-Feet Adjustable Pole Giraffe Reach System

The 10-Feet Adjustable Pole is part of the brand new Giraffe Reach System, the most unique and versatile line of cleaning products out there. The 10-Feet Adjustable Pole is made of lightweight aluminum and can be used with any of the Giraffe Reach System Accessories to clean out of reach areas such light fixtures in vaulted and cathedral height ceilings. Reach a New Level of Clean with Giraffe. The Giraffe Reach System, featuring the patented Quick Connect System, lets you switch cleaning accessories and tasks with just the touch of a button. Using just one pole, you can clean your entire house from top to bottom. With a variety of interchangeable poles and accessories available, you can customize your cleaning solution to suit your needs.
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Panasonic HDC-DX1 Camcorder Tripod Medium Flexible Tripod – by Vidpro

Best Panasonic HDC-DX1 Camcorder Tripod Medium Flexible Tripod – by Vidpro

  • Medium Flexible Tripod
  • by Vidpro

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Gripster Medium Flexible Tripod for Digital Cameras & Camcorders

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Panasonic HDC-DX1 Camcorder Tripod Medium Flexible Tripod – by Vidpro