Cellex-C – Body Sheen & Toning Gel

Produces instant tone to the skin due to a transparent visco-elastic surface film created by this unique proprietary formulation. Daily application will help create long-term benefits – toned and smoother skin with a natural, healthy, youthful looking sheen. Contains Lavender, a calming herb believed to be anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial. Helps promote visco-elastic properties which assist in the ‘snap-back’ of your skin. May be applied directly over sunless tanning products. The biochemical reactions of natural sugars within this formulation tames down the yellow-orange color associated with many artificial tanning formulations. If your your skin is dry or dehydrated, or you live in an area of low humidity, it is recommended that that you apply an additional moisturizer over the Body & Sheen Toning Gel.
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